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The people at Hildurs

Hildurs Urterarium is located at Tilrem, approximately 6.5 kilometres north of Brønnøysund. This has been an area often used for gatherings and social events since the time of the Vikings. To this day people from far and wide gather here to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature, the stunning views, wonderful food and happy company. The hosts at Hildurs Urterarium, view ourselves as a big happy family, and to a certain extent it is what we are. We do, after all, invite you into our own home.

Here you can read about our staff. In addition, we have hardworking helpers during the season, who also contribute to our warm atmosphere.

Laila is married to Atle and originally comes from Stjørdal. Laila is generous, gentle and innovative. Genuinely interested in people, Laila outshines the sun, even when the sun is not there! Laila is former CEO, but is now retired but still has responsibility for the garden With her husband Atle



Atle is born and raised as the heir to Tilrem Farm, now known as Hildurs Urterarium. Atle is the storyteller of the family and a generally creative person. He refined and developed the culinary philosophy inherited from his mother, Hildur, into what we have today. This is a man of great charisma and charm, who always has a joke up his sleeve. He is now retired but still has responsibility for the garden.



Ronny is Laila’s son and head Chef here at Hildurs. He has risen through the grades from apprentice to take over the chef’s hat from Atle in 2007. Ronny enforces a strict no pre-fabricated foods policy. Every single dish of food is created from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. Ronny is conscious of quality, in keeping with Hildur’s hallmark of quality! Ronny now drives Hildurs With his wife Aina



She is the manager of Hildurs Urterarium AS and is keen to ensure quality in all aspects Aina is born, raised and living in Sømna. She is married to Laila’s son Ronny and is the daughter-in-law at the farm.  With her bubbly personality, is Aina an important pillar in our team and she is intensely committed to providing great experiences for Hildurs’ customers.



Remy is the latest addition to our team. He comes from Brønnøysund. Remy is a sociable person with a fresh, young view on life who adds a splash of colour and Rock’n’roll to the community with his tattoos.



Rigmor, Hildurs Urterarium ASRigmor
Rigmor is from Brønnøysund and is Hildurs everyday angel. Rigmor has been an untouchable helper for many years. Rigmor is married to Ivar.




Ivar is from Brønnøysund and has been a faithful team member since the middle of the 90’ies. Ivar is the man with all the answers and the go-to man for any repairs.




Hildur og Thorbjørn, Hildurs Urterarium ASHildur and Thorbjørn
This is the couple who laid the foundations for this wonderful adventure. It all started with Hildurs’ herb garden in 1988. The concept was developed with a lunch of herb soup and Thorbjørn’s production of wine. As years have gone, the running of the farm has been handed over to the new generation, but if you are lucky you may still encounter these two in the farmyard.


Stein Åge Reppe-Karlsen
Stein Åge is the mentor and chairman as well as a man with a well-developed financial instinct. He possesses a good dose of human insight and fits in well with the rest of the team at Hildurs. In addition to his role as chairman at Hildurs Urterarium AS, he is also a local businessman. With his infectious laughter, Stein Åge has often given many belly muscles a laughing workout.

Tilrem 31,
8900 Brønnøysund

65.52407º N, 12.27454º Ø

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