Summer specials at Hildurs Urterarium!

Saturday 20rd of June is the grand opening of our summer activities. We open our farm shop,
herb garden, and cafe in the garden. Open every day from 12-17, lunch is served from 13-17.

For order a table in the restaurant call +47 75025212


The people at Hildurs

Hildurs Urterarium is located at Tilrem, approximately 5 kilometres north of Brønnøysund. This has been an area often used for gatherings and social events since the time of the Vikings….

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Hildurs Urterarium sitt kurs og konferanserom fremstår som et moderne møterom utstyrt med de nødvendige fasiliteter som: Fri internettilgang i hele anlegget, flipover, whiteboard, lydanlegg, mikrofoner, prosjektør og stor bildeskjerm og helautomatisk friskluftsanlegg….

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Tour operators 2015

Do not miss this  food-lover’s family restaurant, complete with the atmosphere only a 200 year old house can provide. The hosts welcome you into their own private home. We at…

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